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You don't have a SAFETY problem. . .

You have a LEADERSHIP issue!


Your Leadership Choice: Safety

Leadership Development Process

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Rodney is the author of the best-selling Defend Your Profits: Safety Tools for Bottom Line Improvement and co-author of SOAR: A Gate-to-Gate Journey of Leadership Essentials.

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"Top 10 Safety Speaker for 2017"

- National Safety Council


Rodney's articles and blog posts dispel the myths of safety management and challenge the conventional wisdom about safety leadership.

Keynote Programs

Every keynote program is customized to meet the specific needs of the client.

Keynote Programs

Safety as a Result: The Role of the Leader

SLII® Concepts and the Safety Leader

Identifying Cultural Hazards: 4 Clues Your Organization Is Out of Balance

Six and ½ Simple Tools to Prove Value, Gain Cooperation and Save Lives

An Introduction to Situational Leadership II® and the Safety Leader

To produce outstanding safety results with fewer resources, organizations need to develop strong yet flexible leaders throughout the organization.  They need to offer safety leadership principles that are understood and practiced by everyone.  An Introduction to Situational Leadership II® for Safety Leaders is based on Situational Leadership II®, the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and practical method of effectively leading and developing people, time, and resources in the world.  This program is designed to build awareness around the need to increase the frequency and quality of conversations about safety performance between managers and the people they work with so that competence is developed, and commitment is gained.

Identifying Cultural Hazards: 4 Clues Your Organization Is Out of Balance

When we hear the words “hazard assessment”, we often think of physical and chemical hazards.  These are the risks to our employees we can see with our eyes and feel with our hands.  But what if the biggest hazard in your organization is the culture?  Culture, defined as “the way we do things around here”, is created by the people working in the environment.  If you can’t see culture with your eyes or feel it with your hands, how can you determine if you have the culture you want? 


This program looks at some clues that your culture may be contributing to safety failures. 

  • Clue #1: “No One Will Do Anything Until Someone Gets Hurt”

  • Clue #2: “I Can’t Believe Someone Would Do Something So Stupid.”

  • Clue #3: “I Just New Someone Was Going to Get Hurt Doing That.”

  • Clue #4: “You’ve Had A Lost Time! What Are You Going To Do About It?”


For each clue, we will examine what could be behind it and what you can do to effectively change your current culture into a culture of success. 

Safety as a Result: The Role of the Leader

RESULTS!  Every organization strives to produce results.  Quantifiable results measured in a multitude of ways.  Some organizations consistently achieve those results and others consistently miss the mark.  Safety is one of those results and it is produced through clear, effective leadership at the front-lines of your organization.  Do your front-line leaders have the knowledge and skills to produce the result of safety through others?  Or do they depend on the rules and a lot of luck to make it through the day?  This program looks at how occupational safety results produced are driven by three critical elements of success: our values, our behaviors, and our culture.

Six and ½ Simple Tools to Prove Value, Gain Cooperation and Save Lives

In this always-popular presentation, author and speaker Rodney Grieve enlightens and entertains as he provides 6½ simple, effective tools to prove value, gain cooperation, and save lives.  Rodney’s sessions are based on years of hands-on experience, observing “the good, the bad and the ugly” of safety management.  They are packed full of facts, stories, humor, and participant exercises that deliver the information necessary to defend profits and protect employees.  Through his captivating and energetic style, Rodney Grieve motivates managers to move from profit-eating compliance to profit-saving improvements, exposing the myths of traditional safety management along the way. Companies that implement just a few of the tools he presents consistently report an immediate, positive impact on their safety programs.  After hearing Rodney’s message, attendees of this session will not only think differently about workplace safety, they will be armed with the tools necessary to create change.

Clients & Comments



  • AKT

  • Applied Materials

  • Genentech

  • Gilead



  • Afton Chemical

  • Valero Refining


  • Austin Commercial

  • BE&K

  • CF Jordan Construction

  • Construction Employers’ Association

  • Lippert Components Inc.

  • Manson Construction Company

  • Master Builders of Iowa

  • Skyline Homes


  • Delaware Rive and Bay Authority

  • NASA - Kennedy Space Center

  • Sacramento County WM&R


  • BSE

  • Canandaigua Wines

  • Keystone Foods

  • King & Prince Seafood

  • Malt-O-Meal

  • McKormick and Company

  • Rockview Dairies

  • Sleep Train

  • US Sugar Corporation

  • Zen-Noh Grain Corporation


  • AVP Risk Management

  • Captive Resources



  • Aerojet

  • Amcor Rigid Packaging

  • Amcor Flexibles North America

  • BASF​

  • Cardinal Glass

  • Cabot Corporation

  • Domtar Paper

  • Imerys Graphite & Carbon

  • International Paper

  • Lippert Components


  • McLanahan Corporation

  • Rayonier

  • Rayonier Advanced Materials

  • TrueNorth Steel

  • WestRock Paper


  • Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals

  • American Society of Safety Professionals

  • National Safety Council

  • Paper and Pulp Safety Association



  • Fermi National Laboratory

  • Pacira

  • Patheon


  • American Building Maintenance (ABM)

  • CH2M Hill - OMI

  • Philip Services Corp.


  • Synagro


  • Cobb EMC

  • Indiana Power and Light


  • SMUD

  • PG&E

  • PREA

  • Xcel Energy

Jason Woelfel
Business Development
Amcor Flexibles North America

"Rodney has presented to many of my client groups and always comes away with high marks for how practical and applicable his ideas and encouragement were to their operations. I HIGHLY recommend Rodney as a keynoter and consultant."

Andy Johnson
Executive Vice President- Principal
Captive Resources LLC.

"Best speaker I have attended so far. Absolutely amazing!"

"Rodney brings a practical and thoughtful approach and philosophy to safety and risk management. Check him out, he’s the real deal."

Bob Fitzgerald
Senior Risk Control Consultant
Willis Towers Watson

"Rodney is one of the best at integrating leadership and safety culture development programs into a holistic approach to corporate behavior modification."

James Harless, PhD, CHMM

Environmental and Brownfield Redevelopment Consultant

"Au travers d’outils simple, Rodney a su toucher l’ensemble des leaders de l’organisation, du management aux superviseurs, pour faire prendre conscience du choix de chacun a devenir un leader effectif." 

Francis Agresti
Compliance EHS Manager

"Rodney's message is concise and he has the ability to grab the attention of upper management as well as the individual working on the shop floor."

Morgan LeBlanc
Environmental Health and Safety Manager
ERG Materials & Aerospace Corporation

"Rodneys' professionalism and experience were superseded only by the ease with which he delivered the learning objectives. Rodney takes what for most companies are very difficult concepts to grasp and breaks them down to fundamental core elements so participants will gain maximum benefit." 

Mark Norton, MAOM, RSP, CSSM 

Speaker, Author, Consultant, Trainer

"Rodney's workshop on Leadership Choice had a strong impact on me and global Sales team. Rodney helps me as a leader and my team with how we communicate among ourselves and lead. I especially found his method on how to give feedback very effective and helpful. Rodney is a great speaker and I recommend him and his workshops to any team leader that wants more collaboration among her/his team." 

Jean-Luc Cialdini 

Director, Global Sales

Imerys Graphite & Carbon

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